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NOVEMBER 2018 General Election

NOVEMBER 6, 2018

Polls open 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.





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Fmr. High School Teacher


Brea Olinda School Board Member


Reserve LAPD Officer




Assistant District Attorney


County Supervisor








Todd Spitzer


I am inspired and proud to dedicate my career to public service as an Orange County Supervisor and former California State Assembly Member. As District Attorney I pledge to always uphold the rule of law, put people’s safety first and work tirelessly to make certain justice is served for victims and their families. We must restore faith and trust in our law enforcement and justice system.


As a former prosecutor and current Chairman of the Orange County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, I know what it takes to get justice for victims and work with the community to solve crimes and ensure violent felons stay behind bars. But we also must work to stop crime before it starts. As a former high school teacher and School Board Trustee and business owner, I know that solutions to complex crime problems begins by solving critical issues like homelessness, our kids’ broken education system and ensuring that our economy is growing to provide job opportunities for more






Recent News


September 13, 2018

Firefighters Back Todd Spitzer for DA



Todd Spitzer Scores A Major Public Safety Endorsement For Always Supporting Fire And Working Hand in Glove To Ensure O.C. Is Safe From Fire Dangers.


ORANGE COUNTY - September 13 - The Todd Spitzer for District Attorney campaign announced the prestigious endorsement from the Orange County Professional Firefighters Association. When Orange County faced devastating wildfires, Todd Spitzer supported O.C. Fire and secured additional resources for our County. Todd will continue to be O.C. Fire's strongest advocate and understands that now, more than ever, our first responders and firefighters are required to do more with less. Todd Spitzer is the unmatched public safety leader in the race for District Attorney.



September 12, 2018

Rackauckas is a No-Show at Orange County's Public Safety Meetings as Rape Statistics Soar



ORANGE COUNTY – September 12 – Tony Rackauckas’ abysmal attendance record revealed he skipped crucial public safety meetings as crime soars in Orange County. As community leaders and members of law-enforcement came together for roundtable discussions to solve the increase in homelessness and rising crime in Orange County Tony Rackauckas was nowhere to be found. In 2017 and 2016, Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas has been absent from 100% of Orange County Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council (OCJJCC) meetings and attended only one monthly Orange County Community Corrections Partnership (OCCCP) meeting.



September 10, 2018

Vice Chairman of the Orange County Board of Supervisors Shawn Nelson Endorses Todd Spitzer



ORANGE COUNTY – September 10 – Today the Todd Spitzer for District Attorney campaign released an endorsement statement from Vice Chairman of the Orange County Board of Supervisors, Shawn Nelson. Spitzer and Nelson have worked closely together for years on the Board of Supervisors.



September 6, 2018

Mayor Teresa "Tita" Smith of Orange Endorses Todd Spitzer



Endorsements For Todd Spitzer Flood In As Spitzer Gains Major Bipartisan Support



ORANGE COUNTY – September 6 – The Todd Spitzer for District Attorney campaign announced the sought-after endorsement of Mayor Teresa "Tita" Smith, City of Orange. Mayor Smith joins a growing list of prominent Democrats endorsing Spitzer including former DA primary opponent and victims’ rights attorney Brett Murdock.



September 5, 2018

Spitzer Launches Seven-Figure Television Ad Campaign



First Ads Of Cycle Slam Tony Rackauckas On Sexual Harassment Scandals


ORANGE COUNTY – September 5 – The Todd Spitzer for District Attorney campaign has released the first television Ad campaign of the cycle. Two Ads will begin airing today both on cable and network stations throughout Orange County with over a million dollars behind them.



August 29, 2018

Prominent Business Leaders Endorse Todd Spitzer



President of Harbor Distributing Tom Reyes and Mission Inn Owners Duane and Kelly Roberts Endorse Spitzer


ORANGE COUNTY – August 29 – Todd Spitzer’s campaign is proud to announce the endorsements from successful business leaders: Duane and Kelly Roberts, owners of The Mission Inn, one of America’s most iconic hotels and Tom Reyes, President of Harbor Distributing selling “over 20 million cases of beer to over 5,600 accounts across 800 square miles.” Duane & Kelly Roberts have been leaders in preserving and strengthening California and National cultural and heritage treasures, including The Mission Inn hotel, which earned National Historic Landmark status in 1977.



August 27, 2018

Rackauckas Prosecutor Suspended by California State Bar Court for Cheating



Repeat “Systemic” Cheating and Arrogant Lack of Remorse Demand Rackauckas Replacement


The State Bar Court of California ordered an Orange County prosecutor suspended from the practice of law for conduct that “significantly undermines the public’s trust in the criminal justice system... and fell painfully below the standard of care... required of a prosecutor in any case.” The prosecutor repeatedly failed to turn over exculpatory evidence to the defense as required by the California Penal Code and the United States Constitution in a non “Snitch Scandal” case. The Court found her “grossly negligent.”


August 21, 2018

Botched Cases and Office Wide Scandals Catch up with Disgraced Rackauckas



Today, District Attorneys throughout the state with Golden State Killer cases dropped a bombshell. The cases will be consolidated and prosecuted in Sacramento, and not Orange County.


August 15, 2018

Spitzer Announces Priority to Eliminate Campaign Residency Fraud


With So Many Cities Heading Toward District Driven Elections, Spitzer Vows To Protect Integrity Of Elections



Orange County August 15 –Today, Orange County District Attorney candidate Todd Spitzer announced an additional policy priority to crack down on politicians who abuse the district voting laws by creating phony addresses in order to run for office.


August 10, 2018

Convicted Felons Fund Rackauckas Re-Elect Committee


Tony Rackauckas Must Return Dirty Money Revealed By Campaign Finance Statements



Orange County August 10th –Tony Rackauckas kept campaign cash from contributors convicted of felonies, reflected by his attached campaign finance statements (Form 460). Tony Rackauckas is surrounded by scandal while on his watch overall crime is up 23%, dangerous criminals have been set free or had their sentences reduced due to incompetence by the DA’s office, and families of crime victims are suing Rackauckas. Rackauckas must return the money he has taken from convicted felons before the people of Orange County lose all trust and confidence in their public agencies. The Spitzer for District Attorney campaign demands that Rackauckas immediately donate the money to a charity that benefits crime victims and their families.


August 1, 2018

Primary Opponent Brett Murdock Endorses Spitzer for DA


Murdock Supports Spitzer’s Commitment to Update the DA’s Antiquated and Failed Policies that Jeopardize Victims and their Families




Orange County August 1 –Today, former DA primary opponent and victims’ rights attorney Brett Murdock endorsed Todd Spitzer for Orange County District Attorney. Murdock earned 22.4% of the vote in June’s Primary Election. With Murdock’s votes and the share of vote Spitzer garnered in June that easily puts Spitzer in a winning position in November.


July 3, 2018

Todd Spitzer for DA Announces First Round of Summer Events and You're Invited



Dear Friends,


I want to thank you for the support you have extended to me for my campaign for District Attorney. I am running for this seat to protect families and the community. People don’t feel safe and I want to restore our justice system. The results of the primary election were clear, over 60% of voters voted against the incumbent. The voters are insisting on change and I am the right choice for the job. My opponent has been in the office for over 20 years and 20 years is long enough given the repeated failures by him and his office.



May 14, 2018

Spitzer Wins Coveted Hispanic 100 Endorsement


Todd Spitzer Will Ensure We Live In Safe, Thriving Communities So Our Children Can Pursue Their Dreams.



ORANGE COUNTY – May 14 – Todd Spitzer, candidate for Orange County District Attorney, officially received the endorsement from the Hispanic 100. The Hispanic 100 is an organization of business and community leaders established to promote leadership within the Hispanic community. One of the Hispanic 100's primary missions is to mentor the next generation of Hispanic youth.


May 7, 2018

Rackaukas has Public Meltdown at a Senior Citizen Forum When He Cannot Explain Why He Was Kicked Off Seal Beach Mass Murder Case


Tony Rackauckas Pounds Table, Clenches Fist and Rants During Embarrassing Explosion


ORANGE COUNTY – May 7 – Sunday, Tony Rackauckas’ unhinged meltdown at the Costa Del Sol Republican Club left the audience of senior citizens in shock. Rackauckas was grilled on the Dekraai case – a slam-dunk trial that he botched leaving victims’ relatives suffering through six years of delay. Repeatedly pressed on his failure as a prosecutor, Rackauckas in a moment of rage lost complete control and pounded the table.



May 1, 2018

Former O.C. Undersheriff Raul Ramos and Former O.C. Assistant Sheriff Rocky Hewitt Back Spitzer


Spitzer's Qualifications And Endorsements Make Him The Unmatched Public Safety Leader In The Race For DA.


ORANGE COUNTY – May 1 – Former reserve police officer and top prosecutor Todd Spitzer, the public safety expert in the race for District Attorney, scored endorsements from Raul Ramos, former Undersheriff of the Orange County Sheriff's Department and Dr. Rocky Hewitt, former Assistant Sheriff of the Orange County Sheriff's Department, adding to Spitzer's long list of law enforcement endorsers.



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