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Todd Spitzer


I am inspired and proud to dedicate my career to public service as an Orange County Supervisor and former California State Assembly Member. As District Attorney I pledge to always uphold the rule of law, put people’s safety first and work tirelessly to make certain justice is served for victims and their families. We must restore faith and trust in our law enforcement and justice system.


As a former prosecutor and current Chairman of the Orange County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, I know what it takes to get justice for victims and work with the community to solve crimes and ensure violent felons stay behind bars. But we also must work to stop crime before it starts. As a former high school teacher and School Board Trustee and business owner, I know that solutions to complex crime problems begins by solving critical issues like homelessness, our kids’ broken education system and ensuring that our economy is growing to provide job opportunities for more






Recent News


April 10, 2018

Spitzer Gains Over a Dozen New Endorsements from Former Elected Officials


Orange County – April 10 – Today, Todd Spitzer announced over twelve new endorsements from former local elected officials, capping an impressive list of influential supporters for the District Attorney’s race. Todd Spitzer will not accept endorsements from any current elected officials because he is beholden to no one except the people and the victims of Orange County. Spitzer has quickly gained the support of dozens of local officials who believe in his vision to clean up corruption in the DA’s office.


April 2, 2018

Tony Rackauckas' Camp Caught Tampering with Evidence Just as They do in the Courtroom


Orange County – April 2 – Tony Rackauckas’ camp was caught red handed tampering with evidence in a failed attempt to contest Todd Spitzer’s ballot statement. The night before the lawsuit was filed, a key witness manipulated the Wikipedia page for Marsy’s Law to remove Spitzer’s credit as a co-author. Spitzer’s name was deleted from the ‘Key Persons for Marsy’s Law’ page after that reference had been there unblemished for the last six years. Tony Rackauckas’ office has repeatedly tampered with evidence to win cases - illegally using informants and withholding evidence from the defense – which has delayed justice for victims and led to numerous high-profile cases being botched.


March 21, 2018

CRA Awards Todd Spitzer the Most Votes


Orange County – March 21 – Todd Spitzer for District Attorney received the most votes from the California Republican Assembly (CRA) at Saturday’s endorsing convention in Orange County. Todd Spitzer vastly out-performed his opponent, winning 27 votes compared to Tony Rackauckas’ 19.


March 20, 2018

Prominent Republican Women Endorse Todd Spitzer


Orange County – March 20 – Today, the Todd Spitzer for District Attorney 2018 campaign unveiled the endorsements from four prominent Orange County leaders of Republican Women Federated:


March 13, 2018

Salacious Accusations by Rackauckas of Bias in Dekraai Case


On Record For The First Time, Rackauckas Slams O.C. Justice System Accusing Judge of Bias In The Case of Orange County’s Worst Mass Murder


Orange County – March 13 – In bewildering statements by the District Attorney – the first time on record since the sentencing of Orange County’s worst mass murderer, Scott Dekraai, – Tony Rackauckas slams the Orange County Justice System accusing veteran Judge Goethals of bias. The statements were filmed on Saturday, March 10 at The California Impact Republican’s endorsing convention.


February 14, 2018

Spitzer Campaign Ad "Tricky Tony" Condemns Rackauckas for Mailergate Scandal


Ad Reveals Unseen Footage of Rackauckas Campaigning At A Taxpayer-funded Event.


Orange County – February 14 – The Todd Spitzer for District Attorney campaign revealed an advertisement entitled, “Tricky Tony”, which condemns failed District Attorney Tony Rackauckas for yet another scandal –this time for sending over 16,000 taxpayer-funded mailers that showcased his name for an alleged campaign stop in the height of election season. Todd Spitzer will take a tough, no-nonsense approach to ending public corruption as DA.


February 5, 2018

Early Release of Suspected Killer in Another Case Botched by Rackauckas


Orange County – February 5 – A man facing life imprisonment if found guilty of killing his 82-year old grandmother will be released after only three years in jail because the defendant claims snitches were used illegally under Rackauckas’ watch. At least eight high-profile murder and attempted murder cases have had penalties reduced and convictions thrown out meaning dangerous predators are back on our streets and public safety is at risk. The County’s most dangerous criminals have been freed because of Rackauckas’ use of informants including convicted double murderer Henry Rodriguez who helped dispose of a pregnant women’s body after she had been shot.


February 2, 2018

Spitzer Crushes Rackaukas with Million Dollar Fundraising Lead


Spitzer Out-raises Rackauckas By Every Measure This Quarter, Taking A Commanding Lead In The Race For District Attorney


Orange County – February 1 – The Todd Spitzer for District Attorney campaign leads the race for District Attorney with a massive spending advantage – to the tune of a MILLION DOLLARS -over his opponent Rackauckas according to new finance reports. Spitzer has outpaced Rackauckas on all fronts: Cash on hand, total fundraising haul and has out-raised Rackauckas by over $100,000 this quarter due to overwhelming support for his candidacy.


January 30, 2018

Numerous Influential Public Figures Endorse Todd Spitzer


A Dozen More Leaders From Across Orange County Announce Their Support


Orange County – January 30 – Today, Todd Spitzer for District Attorney announced numerous endorsements from public figures. The list includes many of Orange County’s most successful influencers who trust Spitzer’s leadership on public safety issues.


January 16, 2018

Spitzer Challenges Rackauckas to Four Debates


Orange County – January 16 – Today Todd Spitzer has challenged District Attorney Tony Rackauckas to debate him on live television in a series of four regional media-sponsored events.

January 10, 2018

Rackauckas Endorsed Judge Steiner Knowing he was Censured for Sexual Exploitation

Orange County – January 10 – In the last election cycle, Rackauckas endorsed Superior Court Judge Steiner who pled guilty to violating eleven counts of Judicial Canons by the Commission on Judicial Performance, which nearly caused his removal from the Bench.1 The first group of charges centered on his misconduct for having sex in his Courthouse Chambers with two different women who were his former Chapman Law students where Steiner had been an adjunct professor. One went on to be his law clerk/intern, and the other became a practicing attorney who appeared before him. The second group of charges focussed on Steiner’s use of undue influence in trying to secure employment for his clerk/intern with Rackauckas’ office. The last group of charges involved Steiner’s failure to disclose personal relationships and improperly referring cases in which he had a personal conflict with other judges without consulting the Presiding Judge as required by court procedure.


December 20, 2017

Rackauckas Allowed Workplace Sexual Harassment

OC Grand Jury Found A “Boys-Will-Be-Boys” Mentality Was Used To Trivialize Inappropriate Male Behavior


Orange County – December 20 – Rackauckas’ complacency and continued lack of oversight as a workplace leader led to an abusive culture of sexual misconduct at the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. In 2015, an email complaint sent to county officials, including Rackauckas, warned of the predatory nature of Chief Investigator for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, Craig Hunter, who allegedly “sexted” and solicited nude photographs while on duty from his county phone according to a complainant who is an attorney licensed in the state of California.


December 6, 2017

DA Violates Mary's Law and Suffers Reversal of Law Todd Spitzer Co-Wrote and Led for California


Orange County – December 6 – After a desperate attempt by DA Rackauckas to rectify another botched case, a judge ordered the re-sentencing of a drunk driver who only received the low term state prison sentence in a hit-and-run offense with serious injuries because of gross prosecutorial error. The misconduct occurred because of the lax training by District Attorney Tony Rackauckas who allowed his prosecutors to disregard the California Constitution that governs a victim’s rights during a prosecution.



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