October 18, 2017

Dear Prosecutors, Investigators, and Staff of the Orange County District Attorney's Office,


It is time for tested and bold new leadership for the Orange County District Attorney's Office (OCDA). I believe that the only way to be successful is to be part of a great team. The incumbent District Attorney has served for almost twenty years. Under his leadership, the office has been mired in scandal after scandal that threatens the integrity of our justice system and you, the office's hardworking prosecutors, whose job and duty it is to go to court every day and answer, "Ready for the People." Working with you, the investigators, the staff and the rank and file prosecutors, I can provide that new leadership and return the OCDA to its rightful place as one of the best District Attorney Offices in the nation. This campaign is about who should lead the District Attorney’s Office; this campaign is not a criticism of you or the commitment that you have to the office.


I have promised the citizens of Orange County that as their District Attorney it will be the mission of the OCDA to pursue justice, improve public safety and protect the rights of victims, while always maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards. With your help, we will work with our partners in the criminal justice community to prevent crime through fair, effective and innovative law enforcement practices. The OCDA will remain independent of outside political influences and will work to ensure transparency for the citizens who we serve. Under my leadership, the OCDA will ensure that justice is done by always seeking the truth and doing the right thing -wherever it may lead, irrespective of the political consequences. Today, the District Attorney puts politics above principles and our community cannot tolerate that improper influence.


My goal as your District Attorney will be to provide the best training and resources so that we can successfully serve the citizens of Orange County. It is time to focus on rebuilding the OCDA. Our reputation will be built and sustained by working together as one effective team, not as individual prosecutors and staff in separate units. I served for almost ten years as a deputy district attorney and an assistant district attorney. I know first-hand the difficult work that you do every single day. I have completed two tours on the Felony Panel. I have prosecuted thousands of cases, hundreds of preliminary hearings and I have tried nearly 100 jury trials to verdict. These cases involved sex crimes, attempted murder, vehicular manslaughter, hard-core gang violence, bank robbery and DUI/D with injuries and death. I have more than ten years of experience on the Board of Supervisors and more than six years as an elected member of the Legislature. I know how to get resources for Orange County. I have been one of the strongest voices in California for victim’s rights. I have been a leader against those that seek to weaken our criminal justice system. With this experience, I am constantly working with our justice partners to put violent felons behind bars and make sure they stay there as the Chair of the Orange County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council.


I pledge to you, the prosecutors, investigators, and staff of the OCDA, as your District Attorney, I will bring fair and ethical management policies to the OCDA. To that end, I will establish fair and transparent promotional policies that are based on merit. The OCDA is primarily a trial lawyer’s office, but overall judgment, character, attitude, hard work and team building will be the primary determiners of advancement for those in trial and support assignments. I will develop an equitable transfer and rotation policy that solicits input from employees while still recognizing that the needs of the office are of primary importance.


There are no women in Senior Assistant District Attorney positions. That is plain wrong. Women will be given equal access to management positions and every other position in the office. The Legislature recently passed a new state law targeting prosecutors as a result of the situation overseen by your current District Attorney. I will develop a clear policy regarding the State Bar's Office of Chief Trial Counsel that supports deputy district attorneys. Currently, there is no specific OCDA written policy to support you. As County Supervisor, I have led the discussion to provide counsel, at the County’s expense.


The prosecutors, investigators, and staff of the OCDA are extremely talented people who are dedicated to justice. We must always be on the side of truth. Working along-side you, I will use all my experience and energy to make you and the OCDA a leader in the fight for justice, integrity and public safety for our County.


You can always count on me.

Todd Spitzer

Orange County Supervisor

District Attorney Candidate, 2018








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