October 26, 2017



Victim’s Relative of County’s Worst Mass Shooting Speaks Out Against the Pain Tony Rackauckas Has Caused


Orange County – October 26 – The Todd Spitzer for District Attorney campaign unveiled a new gripping ad entitled, “Long Enough” which condemns failed District Attorney Tony Rackauckas for delaying justice, prolonging suffering for victims’ families and weakening public safety. Paul Wilson the husband of victim Christy Wilson killed by the county’s worst mass murderer, Scott Dekraai, narrates the video expressing his anguish at the pain caused by Rackauckas’ misconduct.


Wilson who faced six years of delays said, “Tony Rackauckas has been in office 20 years. I just don’t get it. Too much is at stake. It’s time for him to retire. Tony Rackauckas has to go. My family and the families of other victims deserve more.”


Supervisor Todd Spitzer stated, “No one can ever understand what someone experiences when a loved one is murdered. It is the ethical duty of prosecutors to ensure there is no delay to justice being served.”


He continued, “It is abhorrent that the suffering of Paul and the other victims’ families has been drawn out because of the failures of our District Attorney. Orange County is rapidly waking up to Rackauckas’ corruption as the saga of lies, cheating and injustice continues to unfold. Tony Rackauckas acts as if he is above the law but as scandal pours out of the District Attorney’s office he is no longer immune to his abuse of power.”


During the video’s production, Dekraai was shockingly spared the death penalty as a result of Rackauckas botching the slam-dunk case. Paul’s wife and other victims will not receive proper justice because of Tony Rackauckas.


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