October 31, 2017

Major Victims’ Rights Group Endorses Todd Spitzer for DA


While Rackauckas Continues to Fail Victims, One of the Nation’s Top Victims’ Rights Foundation Endorses Victim Advocate Todd Spitzer


Orange County – October 31 – Today, Crime Victims United of California (CVUC) endorsed long time victims’ right advocate Todd Spitzer over 20-year incumbent District Attorney Rackauckas who has failed victims. While Rackauckas has let victims down in so many cases including the high-profile trial of Dekraai, Spitzer is the clear choice for crime victims due to his unwavering commitment to victims for more than 25 years. The endorsement comes just days after the Todd Spitzer for District Attorney Campaign unveiled a video ad narrated by Paul Wilson the husband of victim Christy Wilson killed by Dekraai, who expresses his anguish at the pain caused by Rackauckas’ many failures as DA.


Todd Spitzer stated, “I’m grateful to receive the endorsement from such a prestigious crime victims’ foundation. The endorsement means the world to me, nothing is more gratifying than knowing you have made a difference to those who suffered the loss of a loved one. As your District Attorney, I will stop at nothing to guarantee our safety and justice for all.”


He continued, “Most victims are lost and forgotten in the system. I have dedicated my entire career to ensuring that they are not. I co-wrote Marsy’s Law and was the state-wide campaign manager alongside the amazing efforts and contributions from CVUC and its President Nina Salarno and Chair and Co-Founder Harriet Salarno in particular. As the Orange County District Attorney, I will appoint and hire a Victims’ Ombudsman to ensure that all crime victims’ issues and complaints are researched and followed through to make sure all crime victims are served. All my deputies will receive regular training on crime victims’ issues and will be required to respond to crime victims’ inquiries in a reasonable time frame.”


“Too often we hear from survivors about the perpetrator receiving a plea bargain and a minimal sentence because Tony Rackauckas will do whatever is politically expedient to win cases as he's more concerned about his conviction statistics than truly serving the public and victims. It’s time to give our victims respect for their role in prosecutions and give them all our support,” Spitzer concluded.


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