November 13, 2017

Top U.S. Radio Talk Show Host Bill Handel Endorses Spitzer for District Attorney


Orange County – November 13 – National Radio Hall of Fame inductee, renowned radio talk show host at KFI AM 640 and founder of the Center for Surrogate Parenting, Bill Handel endorsed Todd Spitzer for Orange County District Attorney.


Handel said, “I am delighted to endorse Todd Spitzer for District Attorney. Here’s why: Todd is an old friend who I first met when he worked with me 30 years ago at KFI. I’ve followed his career through working as an Orange County Deputy District Attorney, California State Assemblyman, Orange County Supervisor and Manager of Marsy’s Law, California’s Victim Bill of Rights and have admired his commitment to the community and dedication to the pursuit of public safety. Todd is a superb public servant and he’ll make a great DA.”


He continued, “What I love most about Todd is that he is not beholden to the politicians. He serves the community, cares deeply about crime victims and is one of the most transparent and “calls it like he sees it” politicians. We can always count on Todd to be honest and truthful.”


“It’s great to have Bill’s support,” Spitzer said. “Whether it is solving homelessness, public safety, improving education, or the economy, the District Attorney’s Office has been found to cheat to get convictions and it will take a tough, no-nonsense DA to turn that “rudderless ship” around. I am eager to restore integrity and honesty in the top management of that once respected office, where I started my prosecutorial career nearly twenty years ago.”


Handel’s endorsement adds to Spitzer’s growing list of supporters which includes victims’ rights advocates, law enforcement leaders, community leaders and former elected officials*.


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*Todd Spitzer will not accept endorsements from any current elected officials. The incumbent has traded endorsements for special favors. Spitzer is beholden to no one except the People of Orange County.





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