Todd Spitzer Gives Statement After Long Overdue Sentencing for Seal Beach Mass Murderer Scott Dekraai
September 22, 2017


Orange County – September 22 – Today Superior Court Judge Thomas Goethals sentenced Salon Beach mass murderer Scott Dekraai to eight consecutive life terms without parole. Dekraai was spared the death penalty because of the misuse of jailhouse informants by Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas who could not be trusted to give the defendant a fair trial.

Outside the courthouse long-time victims’ rights advocate, Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer made this statement:

“On October 12, 2011, eight people fell victim to the worst mass shooting in county history. After six years of delay justice is overdue in this case. For those who lost love ones, we are all relieved they will no longer face Dekraai in obligatory court appearances and can finally close this painful chapter.”

“This was a ‘cut and dry’ trial botched by Tony Rackauckas. This case should be memorialized in the minds of all prosecutors and law enforcement as a reminder of the pain that can be caused to a victim’s family when leadership goes awry, and the system of justice is abused in our courts,” said Supervisor Todd Spitzer.

“Tony Rackauckas practices lazy law because he does whatever is politically expedient to get a conviction. Findings from the Dekraai case, including the misuse of informants and prosecutors who purposely withheld evidence from the defense, are now being cited by attorneys attempting to win trials for their clients in prison for murder. Violent predators have had charges dropped, convictions thrown out and are back on our streets because of Rackauckas’ gross incompetence. Ultimately, we are less safe with Rackauckas as District Attorney,” concluded Spitzer.






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