Dear Prosecutors, Investigators, and Staff of the Orange County District Attorney's Office,


It is time for tested and bold new leadership for the Orange County District Attorney's Office (OCDA). I believe that the only way to be successful is to be part of a great team. The incumbent District Attorney has served for almost twenty years. Under his leadership, the office has been mired in scandal after scandal that threatens the integrity of our justice system and you, the office's hardworking prosecutors, whose job and duty it is to go to court every day and answer,





Spitzer Campaign Unveils Ad Proving Safety is in "Jeopardy" Under Rackauckas
Spitzer Campaign Highlights That Oversight of Criminal Justice System Is Not A Game
October 12, 2017


Orange County – October 12 – The Todd Spitzer for District Attorney campaign unveiled a new campaign advertisement entitled, “Jeopardy” criticizing Tony Rackauckas for putting justice for victims and the public safety of Orange County residents in jeopardy because of his numerous failings as DA. Spitzer releases the latest ad as Rackauckas’ office continues to suffer from scandal after scandal.





Numerous Community and Business Leaders Support Todd Spitzer for DA
25 Leaders From Across Orange County Announce Their Support
October 5, 2017


Orange County – October 5 – A group of major business and community leaders endorsed Todd Spitzer for District Attorney. The list includes many of Orange County’s most successful businessmen and businesswomen, philanthropists and community leaders who see Spitzer as the candidate who can lead a reform agenda and guide the District Attorney’s office out of its current state marred by Tony Rackauckas’ corruption.






Todd Spitzer Gives Statement After Long Overdue Sentencing for Seal Beach Mass Murderer Scott Dekraai
September 22, 2017



Orange County – September 22 – Today Superior Court Judge Thomas Goethals sentenced Salon Beach mass murderer Scott Dekraai to eight consecutive life terms without parole. Dekraai was spared the death penalty because of the misuse of jailhouse informants by Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas who could not be trusted to give the defendant a fair trial.


Outside the courthouse long-time victims’ rights advocate, Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer made this statement:


“On October 12, 2011, eight people fell victim to the worst mass shooting in county history. After six years of delay justice is overdue in this case. For those who lost love ones, we are all relieved they will no longer face Dekraai in obligatory court appearances and can finally close this painful chapter.”





Spitzer Campaign Releases First Ad of the Cycle


“Victims’ Voice” Highlights Spitzer’s Priorities as DA and Features Numerous Victims and Law Enforcement Leaders



Orange County – September 19 – The Todd Spitzer for District Attorney campaign released a powerful video advertisement entitled, “Victims’ Voice” highlighting Spitzer’s deep commitment to caring for victims and their families. The video outlined why he is running for District Attorney. Spitzer has a long track record of service as a victims’ rights advocate and served as the statewide Campaign Chairman for Marsy’s Law. As an Orange County Prosecutor for nearly ten years and most recently a former Assistant District Attorney, Spitzer has secured convictions against hundreds of violent criminals. He has the experience, integrity, and compassion to stand up for victims and ensure they get the justice they deserve.








Potential Candidate Professor Mario Mainero Will Not Run and Endorses Todd Spitzer


Mainero Joins Distinguished List of Advisors With More Than 100 Years of Prosecutorial Experience Both in the Courtroom and Training Prosecutors



I am proud to share with you the endorsement from Chapman University law professor Mario Mainero. Professor Mainero's endorsement quashes any thought of him running for the same seat.



"From my observation, and from having worked with him on a variety of matters, it is my judgment that Mr. Spitzer will not permit anyone to politically influence his decisions. He has shown support and respect to victims both for the tragedy of their loss and for their proper role in the prosecution of a case. I expect Mr. Spitzer to restore the integrity and professionalism to the District Attorney's office that it so badly deserves. I therefore unreservedly give him my endorsement."







Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas Worst in State

August 9, 2017


Orange County –A study just released by Harvard Law School’s Fair Punishment Project finds the public safety of Orange County left exposed under Rackauckas’ leadership, ranking the District Attorney as worst among all California counties for conviction reversals per capita. The report’s damning statistics continue to reveal Tony Rackauckas’ ineptitude as he is “ranked in the top five among all California counties for the total number of misconduct findings (3rd), the total number of reversals (2nd), and for the most misconduct findings per capita (5th)”. Under Rackauckas’ watch, murder and attempted murder cases have had penalties reduced and convictions thrown out meaning dangerous predators are back on our streets.


Orange County –A study just released by Harvard Law School’s Fair Punishment Project finds the public safety of Orange County l...



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Spitzer Earns Backing From Law Enforcement Leaders

July 27, 2017


Orange County – July 27, 2017 — Today the Todd Spitzer for District Attorney campaign announced numerous endorsements from law enforcement leaders all over the County. Spitzer has won support from retired Police Chiefs and leading advocates among the law enforcement c...



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Spitzer Unviels Campaign Leadership

July 24, 2017




Orange County – July 24, 2017 — Today Supervisor Todd Spitzer unveiled his District Attorney Campaign Co-Chairs: Mike Harrah, Rosario Marin, Mario Rodriguez as well as finance Chai...



Victim Advocates Back Spitzer

July 18, 2017




While Rackauckas lets victims down, Spitzer is the clear choice for crime victims due to his unwavering commitment to victims for more than 25 year...




Spitzer Announces for DA

July 10, 2017




Spitzer pledges to replace the “Rudderless Ship” in the District Attorney’s office, fight crime and serve as a champion for victims’ righ...








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